Retilplast srl

Reinforced Film and Nets for Agriculture

Anti Hail NettingANTI-HAIL AND WIND BREAK NET - Our anti-hail nets are made with Leno/Gauze weave and offer excellent hail protection. The nets are produced using high-density polyethylene monofilament (HDPE) that is UV stabilised and contains anti-oxidant (OX) additives. The “English-Turn” Leno weave gives the net extra strength, while the lateral selvedges and the central area of the netting are reinforced by an increase in the yarn threads in order to permit a strong and secure netting installation.

These anti-hail nets are available in several mesh sizes and in crystal transparent (natural white), black and green colours.

Widths from 0.25 mt up to 6.20 mt and lengths from 100 mt to 1800 ml (as per client request).

Widths from 6.20 mt up to 14.50 mt and lengths from 100 to 700 ml (as per client request).

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