Retilplast srl

Reinforced Film and Nets for Agriculture

Ground Cover, Anti-Weed Mat, Mulching Screen - Green Colour
Construction: Rafia Flat-Tape (UV Stabilised + OX additives)
Weave: Flat Loom
Colour: Green
Weight: 110 gr./sqm


Ground Cover for mulching. Closely woven fabric in polypropylene flat-tape with coloured 15cm x 15cm square weaves. This woven mulch cover is typically used to control weeds by blocking the sunlight. It also helps keep the soil moist by reducing water evaporation, while at the same time retaining heat and temperatures. Also used to control soil erosion.

Roll sizes: (mt.)1.05 - 2.10 - 3.25 - 4.20 - 5.25 widths x 100 ml
Anti-Weed Mat, Ground Cover






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