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Table Grape Covers used to Anticipate Maturation and Delay Harvest


With the aim of extending the table grape season, the use of polyethylene plastic covers has become very common in agriculture, to the point that it is now considered essential for producers looking to satisfy market demand.

When placed over the vines in late winter-early spring, plastic covers raise the air temperature below the installation, and are used to induce early fruiting and harvesting.

Also, it is proven that in late varieties a plastic "roof" protects against rain damage and at the same time delays harvesting.
Anticipate and/or Delay Maturation


Politex - Woven Fabric Tarp used to Cover Table Grapes

POLITEX - Woven high-density polyethylene fabric with low-density polyethylene coating.

• Fabric: HDPE Rafia Flat-Tape - Dtex 1000 (UV Stabilised + OX additives)
• Composition: Warp/Weave 4/4
• Colour: Kristal Transparent
• Total visible light transmittance: 83 %
• Weight: 150 gr./sqm (± 4%)


USED TO COVER TABLE GRAPES, Politex is in fact a woven HD-PE fabric that is laminated to ensure water impermeability. It distinguishes itself from other products thanks to its excellent mechanical strength which means that the cover has a high resistance to tearing. Further advantages include light diffusion and the reduction of thermal excursions, allowing for more balanced temperatures. These characteristics permit a regular growth of the fruits with improved colouring and ripening.

Politex has reinforced areas on the side selvedges which consent a secure installation to supporting structures, thanks to the use of PVC tie-down strings. This system allows the covers to be easily installed on low-cost constructions made from poles, steel cables and zinc wires.


WIDTHS: 2,00 - 2,10 - 2,20 - 2,30 - 2,40 - 2,50 - 2,60 - 2,70 - 2,80 - 2,90 - 3,00 - 3,10 - 3,20 mt
LENGTHS: Produced in lengths according to client’s request.

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